Room totem

Wattle Room

Age Range

2-4 years

Educators per Room

up to 5 Educators

Max number of children

up to 16 children

AWELC Room Image

The children in our Wattle Room are more physically mobile and have greater capacity to express their wants and needs to their Educators – we design and set up educational and play-based experiences to support and foster these achievements, and the children’s confidence and social skills.

Educators and the learning environment nurture the curiosity of children at this age, providing opportunity to participate in experiences such as reading, singing, pretend / imaginative play, construction, music and movement, sensory play and generally being very active.

We foster children’s self-help skills and independence by supporting children with independent toileting and eating, looking after their belongings, and making choices about their day.

The outdoor environment provides further opportunity for children to develop their physicality, building their confidence as they acquire new skills. Our Educators are experienced and support children in managing big emotions, deciphering a range of communication skills and understanding and responding to the body language of individual children. A selection of resources are provided to assist children to learn the concept of sharing, and the indoor and outdoor programs run alongside to provide plenty of space. Children are given time and opportunity to attempt, practice and acquire new skills and build knowledge. We provide support to develop wellbeing, social and emotional development, problem solving, sensory exploration, language, emergent literacy and numeracy, arts, crafts, and music. We have a strong belief in the benefits of explorative and messy play.