Room totem

Lilly Pilly Room

Age Range

0-2 years

Educators per Room

up to 5 Educators

Max number of children

up to 14 children

AWELC Room Image

In the Lilly Pilly Room our team of Educators facilitate and support a collaborative approach to settling both the children and the family into the centre. This approach allows the children to develop secure emotional attachments and relationships with our early childhood Educators.

As this is often a family’s first experience in early childhood education and care, we prioritise the orientation and settling of the children into the environment; this is reflected in the comprehensive orientation process that is flexible to both the child and the family’s needs, to ensure anxiety is reduced and trust and comfortability is established. This solid foundation is fundamental for each child’s learning and development as well as to establish ongoing open communication between families, the Educators, and the Centre.

Routines are an integral part of the process of Learning for children; having an expectation of how each day flows reduces anxiety for a child and maximises their engagement in play and learning. We understand that the home routine is important to a families lifestyle, and we work with you to stay as closely as possible to that routine when your child attends in the Lilly Pilly Room.

We support and nurture children to be independent and confident learners by providing a safe, flexible, and challenging educational program for them. Children are encouraged to explore the indoor and outdoor environments and are supported to learn at their own pace and level of development, and our early childhood Educators provide positive encouragement and support for the children to explore, develop and practice their self-help skills.

The experiences and resources in the learning environment are designed to enhance physical and cognitive development, including tummy time, sensory play, music, signing, rhymes and reading. Adding to this, the development of self- help skills encourages independence, social skills and self-confidence through group play.