Room totem

Banksia Room

Age Range

3-5 years

Educators per Room

up to 3 Educators

Max number of children

up to 24 children

AWELC Room Image

Banksia Room is our dedicated Kindergarten Program for both our 3yo and 4yo children. Our Banksia Team comprises an Early Childhood Teacher and several and qualified Eucators, working collaboratively to develop a variety of experiences and learning opportunities for children to explore and ask the more complex and conceptual questions. Conversation and communication are far more prevalent within this Learning Space with Educators using these opportunities to expand the children’s knowledge base and skills

Our Program comprises of both child-led /emerging interests and Intentional teaching concepts and moments, planned and unplanned and incorporated into the daily learning. Educators then bring in their knowledge and ideas to extend on Childrens’ interests and to challenge their thinking even further. The children and Educators group together throughout the day for meetings to discuss concepts, behaviour, and expectations as it relates to learning and each other

Children are encouraged to try new things, both physically and mentally, and develop self-regulation skills through taking measured risks, such as jumping from platforms or climbing within safe boundaries. Taking measured risks the children develop resilience, confidence, and persistence

The daily routine is flexible, with the educational program evolving every day in response to children’s needs and interests. Our Kindergarten program is all about exploration and growth. We want to develop a love for learning in children, but more importantly, to further develop children's social and emotional skills, as these are the foundation of learning. We want to build on their experiences, curiosity, and growing abilities in a safe, secure and supportive learning environment

Our Educators consistently support all children to understand and express the way they play and learn and to manage their own emotions and understanding the feelings of others