Documenting Children’s Learning and Development

Each child’s learning journey is monitored through observation-based assessment that is documented and shared with our families using an online platform called Storypark

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    Storypark is used for the following:

  • Day to day sharing - Toileting / Food Intake / Sleep
  • Weekly sharing - A summary of the weeks learning highlights
  • Individual Monthly Learning Journey - Your child’s engagement and progress across the month

    Within the Rooms, we provide:

  • Our emerging Curriculum Wall
  • Floor Book

Our Weekly Post

In each weekly post we share an overall view of what teaching & learning was occurring in the Learning Space throughout the week showing how our intentional teaching supports the holistic development of all children within the learning environment. We share photos on the posts to provide families with a visual representation of learning through play and as a reflection point to share and use as a talking point with their children at home

Our Monthly Learning Journey

Our aim is to provide a holistic learning approach, focusing and capturing each child’s learning achievements within the learning environment. Our team of Educators collaborate and compile meaningful observations each individual child’s learning and development across each day / week. These are shared on Storypark, with hard copy versions available in the Learning Spaces, allowing for both child and family engagement throughout the year

Our Emerging Curriculum Wall

Our Emerging curriculum is a collection comprised of the Weekly Posts, where we put the photos and the documentation on display for the children to be able to see and track their learning journey as it evolves

Our Floor Book

Our floor books are designed to create a balance between intentional teaching, child autonomy and the children being supported to engaged and develop a disposition for lifelong learning. We use photos and documentation from our Emerging Curriculum Wall, scrapbooking collaboratively with the children and reflecting together upon our previous month of learning