Our Vision

Early childhood education is the key to a child’s physical, social, emotional and cognitive development. Research shows that quality early childhood education sets a child up for success throughout their school years.

We believe that every child is entitled to a strong foundation for lifelong success. We are committed to supporting children to discover who they are and develop lifelong skills by providing a play-based learning program with our passion and professionalism.

The AWELC Philosophy

Child playing with toy car

The Child

We see children as capable and competent learners who hold the tools to spark their curiosity and questioning enabling them to work toward fostering their own learning and growing their personal wellbeing. The child should be supported as an active participant within their community, exploring and indulging in their learning environment through their own intended curiosity, engagement, and discovery of the world around them.

Teacher grading homework

The Teacher

We believe the teacher is the facilitator of children's learning through providing opportunity to grow, they do this by catering to the children’s individual needs and interests. The Teacher role-models’ behaviours and skills, and continually uses reflective practice to refine their abilities and create learning opportunities. The teacher encourages and supports diversity by providing a sensitive and understanding environment for children, families, and community. A child should be taught with kindness, acceptance, and understanding.

Person holding seedling

The Environment

We aspire to create an aesthetically pleasing and welcoming environment that evokes a sense of belonging, ownership, and respect within the children, promoting these values not only within, but outside the service also. The physical environment is created through educators’ observations of the children’s day to day exploration; this is with the purpose of expanding upon and creating opportunities for further child-led investigation, learning, and play. The learning environment feels welcoming, warm and nurturing, allowing children to feel secure, and safe; creating a ‘home away from home’ feeling.

Family holding hands

Family and Caregivers

We understand that families and Caregivers are strong leaders in/and the first exposure a child has to their education and wellbeing journey; actively participating in facilitating the child's understandings and curiosities of the world around them. Daily, they continue to role model and share life skills and knowledge with their children to further develop their individuality and values.

Buildings with people sitting in front

The Community

We ensure the environment and wider community play influence towards children’s learning and development. As children indulge in the learning benefits of being involved with ‘the real world’ they become connected with their individual existence, and contribution within their community locally and globally.